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12240020 1509390222722002 9128782640573218097 nStranger than strange: there seems to emanate from Margrit Van Nuffel's sculptures a peacefulness wich verges on the sacred, as though they were holy objects to be contemplated. The world, which for her is consubstantial, is a world of total safety, the primal womb, the hearth of mother earth. The sculptures sing to us of tenderness, of a deep feeling for life and its endless surprises evident in the very traits of their faces.

Strangers to all forms of violence end carrying the memory of a future nostalgia, the figures of Margrit Van Nuffel face the void with a king of smiling confidence; they rebel against the idea of a random creation.

Through their delicate metrical system of daydreams, the gently rounded forms suggest an undying feeling of tender indulgence for the simple pleasures of life.

Dreams take flight only to be incarnated in the sculptures. The secret mechanism that links them to reality at the same time binds them to the onlooker. Nothing is left to chance. Each sculpure seems to have grown from inside.

Margrit Van Nuffel makes sculptures out of bronze, which show a sensual design language . Her works are found worldwide in public and private collections. Margrit specialized in sculptured portrets.

Piet Florizoone created his own distinctive style. Inspired by people and animals he created bronze sculptures. Several images of Piet Florizoone adorn the streets in Koksijde. The sculptor recently died (on September 28, 2015) at the age of 77.

Interested to find more works by this couple? The art gallery in Oostduinkerke invites you to see the images of Piet Florizoone and Margrit Van Nuffel. It also contains works by various artists.

Visit our Art Gallery Dorpstraat 36, 8670 OostduinkerkePhone 003258513366Or Sam Florizoone 0032475529860

Geplaatst door Margrit Van Nuffel - Pieter Florizoone op woensdag 18 november 2015